The Kpopalypse blog now has over 1,000,000 views!  Wow!


Okay, so half of those hits were probably just from people searching “kpop boobs” in Google Image Search, but the other half were from you dedicated caonimas who read my stuff regularly, so thank you!  Kpopalypse has determination to continue posting about k-pop, so expect more posts fondly!


The K-pop vs Electro-Industrial EPILEPSY MV CHALLENGE

Kpopalypse returns with a new competition post just for you!  Whether it’s about winning an award nobody cares about, getting to #1 on some pointless chart somewhere or coming at the top of some random dicksucking bullshit list made up by some nobodies, it’s clear that K-pop fans love competitions, especially ones where they can get involved and vote as many times as they like!  So hopefully you’ll also like this post, where Kpopalypse investigates which music genre has the most epilepsy-inducing music videos! tiffanycomp (more…)


It’s been a year since the last Kpopalypse ass post, so that means we’re due for an update!  What’s changed in the world of k-pop ass?  Which k-pop asses are generating the highest amount of faps?


The results from the Kpopalypse ass survey are in and it’s time to find out the greatest k-pop ass masterpieces of 2015!  Read on and discover the trufax about k-pop ass!

WARNING: post contains lots of high quality GIFS of ass, they take a while to load!


Kpopalypse’s 8 steps to iljin success for losers like you who should probably be killed

K-pop fans will probably already be familiar with the term iljin (일진) – a Korean word for young people who prioritise fun, positivity, social skills and being sexy over lonely boredom and pointless, soulless drudgery.  Iljins aren’t interested in studying 624 hours per week, crying into their pillows every night about their lonely boring futureless existence and whining on the Internet every two seconds like most people you know, but instead channel their many positive qualities into their productive future careers as highly successful businesspeople and celebrities.


Are you, or is someone you know a complete loser who could use some assistance and advice from someone who isn’t failing at life?  Have you ever wanted to know how to embrace the positive side of existence and become a stunningly charismatic, successful and fun-loving iljin that Korean netizens are rabidly jealous of?  What amazing trufax can we learn from these living, breathing success stories?  Wonder no more as Kpopalypse takes you through the 8 steps to iljin success!