Kpopalypse’s 30 worst songs of the Golden Age Of K-pop: 2008-2011

It’s Kpopalypse worst-of list time once again!  Time to relax, sit down with your favourite beverage and find out what k-pop songs Kpopalypse thought sucked the most from the Golden Age of k-pop!


Warning: like all Kpopalypse lists, this one has 30 videos and may take a while to load.  Be patient.  Or get a better device to read this on.  Or disable your Flash player – trust me, you might as well, you’re not going to be missing much if you can’t play these horrible music videos.


A quick word from Kpopalypse

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Hi folks. I’m busy hanging out by the pool with Eunjung and working on some very very looooong posts that won’t be completed for a while. To tide you over until I post something new, the Kpopalypse Official Park Bom Defence Challenge post has been updated with the results of the reader poll!  Go and check it out!  Also thanks for your postcards!  Kpopalypse loves you all!

Kpopalypse explains good vs bad production in k-pop

Hi everyone, it’s that time again – time for one of those technical posts that you all love.  Recently people have been asking me variations of the following question:


Yes I am!  If you’ve ever wondered what constitutes a decent production, Kpopalypse is here to help!  Read on for all the trufax about good production vs bad production!



POSITIVE POST – Netizenbuzz

You said that you wanted it, so here it is – Kpopalypse’s positive post about the well-known Korean netizen comment translation site, Netizenbuzz!  Yay!


Since Netizenbuzz has finally come to the party with the article that they owed T-ara in 2012, I’m going to reciprocate with a positive article of my own about all the reasons that you SHOULD be grateful for Netizenbuzz!


Kpopalypse Defence League – three benefits of k-pop for international music fans

A while back I did a post about the differences between k-pop and western pop.  For those of you too lazy to read it, the conclusion is that there really aren’t any.  Many of you reading this post found that post to be educational but quite a few of you also wondered why the fuck anyone would even listen to k-pop if it’s identical to western pop.  To answer this question, let’s welcome back the return of the…


Never one to leave his readers high and dry, Kpopalypse is now here to explain the benefits of k-pop for international music fans!  Read on for the trufax!


T-ara vs AOA – the final fap

That’s right folks, it’s Kpopalypse fanfiction time again!  This post is dedicated to those who wonder why Kpopalypse doesn’t write “sexy” fanfiction.


In truth, the reason why I don’t write sex fanfics is because that’s what everybody else does.  You can read that kind of stuff in many other sites dedicated to fanfiction.  However, the constant questions got me thinking – if I were to write a fanfiction that focused on sexual themes, how would I do it?  Read on and find out – if you dare!